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This site is in its infance. It will evolve with the time.

For now you can take a look at some Perl slides:

The updates after 1st of June 2014 and the translation to Bulgarian are made with the kind help of Chain Solutions.

Perl Programming Course

  1. Introduction to Perl
  2. Scalar data types
  3. Lists and arrays
  4. Hashes
  5. Syntax
  6. IO Streams, Files and Directories
  7. Subroutines
  8. References and nested data structures
  9. Working with text, Regular expressions
  10. Packages, modules, classes and objects
  11. Working with databases
  12. Processes and threads
  13. Network programming
  14. System Programming and Administration

All the slides and example source files are available at GitHub. Feel your self invited to contribute!

You can see the knowledge from this course applied in the project Ado.

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